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Essential Items: Packing Your Flashlight

It’s the middle of the night. The stars are a silent canopy above. The quiet is lulling and Greg is starting to fall asleep. Suddenly, he hears a rustling outside his tent. An animal? A person? Without thinking, he grabs his flashlight and jumps out of the tent. There’s no time to waste. The creative […]


Momentum & Movement: Keeping the Fire Going

Greg stares up at the sky as the fire crackles. He exhales. Glancing back at the dancing light, he realizes he’ll need to find three or four more logs to keep the heat going. The job of building the fire is never completely done. As he gets up to chop a few more thick branches […]


Burn, Baby, Burn: How to Build a Campfire

The day before arriving at the campsite, in the midst of all of the wonderful chaos of family and work responsibilities, Greg starts daydreaming. His mind wanders to the apex of the camping experience: the campfire. He can practically smell the familiar scent of the smoky brilliance as he sees the light dancing in his […]


The Camping Creative

Gazing upward, Greg realizes that the Sequoia overgrowth is thinning out. Usually the perfect campsite is easy to find, but this evening it seems as though the forest has plans of its own. He can’t truly rely on technology either; cell service dropped out about a half-mile back. Greg passes another large family of trees, […]


FCPX Features Workshop at Radar

On October 25th, Radar will be hosting the first-ever FCPxFeatures Workshop, led by seasoned Assistant and Picture Editor Michael Matzdorff. The class will be from 2pm-7pm at 4111 W. Alameda Avenue, Suite 412 Burbank, CA 91505. Mike has been a pioneer of post production for years, starting with the initial transition from film to digital editorial […]


Blackmagic Design Meet 2014 – Party for Three

Third-party vendors made a great show at the Blackmagic Design Meet this year. Many vendors displayed existing technology, but there were a few newer and exciting products. LaCie exhibited their Thunderbolt 2 products. The new 5big Thunderbolt 2 runs at 1050 MB/s and includes a RAID 5 controller. This makes the 5big both safe and […]


Blackmagic Meet 2014 – Film Matters

Many new and exciting technologies were demoed at this year’s Blackmagic Design meet. While definitely not a mainstream product, my favorite item at the show was the Cintel Film Scanner. If you ask me, it could not have come at a better time. Film based production has decreased over the last few years. A lot […]


Blackmagic Meet 2014 – The URSA Experience

The Blackmagic Meet in Burbank, CA was much busier this year than last year. That’s probably because of the URSA. While Blackmagic has been making cameras for a few years now, the URSA is the first to have most of the bells and whistles required for day to day production. I had the chance to […]


visionCOLOR Introduces ImpulZ

visionCOLOR Introduces ImpulZ

Cinematographers, Colorists, and anyone else wanting to capture the elusive film look, take note. VisionColor has just released one of the most comprehensive suites of film emulation Lookup Tables (LUTs). At Radar, we were lucky enough to be part of the Beta process for ImpulZ. We pride ourselves on providing cinematic results for our clients […]